Fly Fishing

The LAND CAPTAIN targets everything from Snook and Tarpon to Giant Grass Carp and many species in-between. His knowledge of the local environment, along with over thirty years of flyfishing experience make Steve the ideal guide for expert and beginning angler alike.

Guided trips depart Ft. Lauderdale according to anticipated periods of gamefish activity. Sometimes this means early, but most trips begin shortly after eight a.m. Since locating good fishing sometimes requires highway travel, you’ll have a chance to see South Florida’s wilderness. Anglers agree that the interesting scenery makes time spent in the car worthwhile and since ecosystems change between locations, getting there can be half the fun. A trip across the Florida Everglades is a LAND CAPTAIN classic.
Once anglers climb “on board,” they can sit back and relax. In a few minutes they’ll be passing miles of sawgrass on a four – laned bridge across of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’s “River of Grass.” Largemouth Bass are abundant near the road and during high season , surface baits produce explosive strikes. Springtime catches often number in the dozens but the relaxed rhythm of casting and retrieving seldom varies.

After you cross the Glades, the tempo quickens. You’ll be headed for the salt marshes where feeding Snook and Tarpon are often visible from the car. The fishing can be fast and it’s not unusual to beach several small tarpon or a dozen snook during a tide. Anglers also encounter Jacks, Ladyfish, and occasional Redfish in the salt creeks while brackish Largemouths and Cichlids reside further inland.

Gulf coastal waters offer the best mangrove action but you don’t have to cross the state to fish for Florida’s notorious Peacock Bass. Hard-hitting Peacocks are great fly rod fish and since good populations reside in Broward County, it’s possible for parties targeting Peacocks and hefty Chinese Grass Carp to remain in the LAND CAPTAIN’S backyard. This is warm weather fishing so dress accordingly. Half-day trips are available at this time, but check for availability.

Florida’s St. John’s River near Titusville hosts a winter run of American Shad. The LANDCAPTAIN considers February and March to be peak months, but the run fluctuates according to water levels. If the river’s out due to excessive rain or drought, sightfishing in the Indian River Lagoon offers an angling alternative. Either way, be sure to reserve this one well in advance.

When winter arrives, the LAND CAPTAIN heads north to flyfish the surf or Intracoastal Waterway near Jupiter, Florida. Large Ladyfish are prime waterway targets, with a smattering of Seatrout, Reds and small snook mixed in. Periiodic influxes of Bluefish and Pompano provide anglers with additional excitement.